in Malia, Crete



About the tour

Pedal with us!

Gather your friends and embark on an exceptional journey to explore the city. Cheers with them and have a great time! This outdoor city adventure is unparalleled!


You can make a booking for yourself or team up with your friends to form the best tour group in town. If you're booking for a small number of people, we'll match you up with others so that your team has sufficient pedalling power. If your team is over 8 people, you can hire the entire bike and celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones.

Tour Experience

Have a one-hour fun and fitness adventure in the most festive locations in Crete. Our responsible driver will guarantee your safety, and our friendly bartender will make sure you have the biggest grin on your face.

Our Party Bike

The power to operate our environmentally-friendly Party bikes comes solely from pedaling, so be sure to keep pedaling! Our bikes come equipped with 15 comfortable seats, 10 for pedaling and the others for resting. A sound system is also included to add some liveliness and provide the perfect vibes for raising a glass.

Pick-up Point

This is the starting point of the tour. We kindly request that you arrive promptly (15' in advance) to avoid any inconvenience :)

Are you ready?

Join us! Book your tour now using our booking system and let us take care of everything else. Cheers!

In simple numbers:

comfortable seats

€ per person

minutes tour

% of pure fun


Individual Seats

20 / person (+ drinks)*

  • Book solo
  • Book with your friends
  • You may be matched with other groups
  • Up to 15 people
*Plus booking fees


    2,50 / Soft drink

    3,50 / Beer (500ml)

    6 / Prosecco (glass)

    6 / Vodka + soft drink

*Drinks can only be pre-ordered here, make sure you have enough, order now.

Special Occasions

Bachelor party, Bachelorette party:

Are you a group of over 8 friends and you are celebrating your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party? Here we are! We are offering a customised and unique experience for this memorable day of yours. Send us your enquiry and we will organise a great tour for your special day.

Birthday party

Looking for a unique and fun way to celebrate your birthday with your friends? Look no further than our party bike! You and your friends can hop on and pedal your way around town while enjoying your drinks. With the entire bike booked just for your party, you can choose your own music and create a playlist that perfectly matches the birthday’s vibes. Are you a group of over 8 people? Don’t waste time and book now. Let's pedal our way to an unforgettable celebration!



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Book your ride now!

Join us on our Party bike in Malia and experience an exciting adventure that will make your holiday unforgettable. Don't miss out on this opportunity to fully engage in the fun. Reserve your seat now and get ready to create lasting memories.

About Us

"Life is like a Party bike, you don't need to know where you're going as long as you have fun with your company."

Our Values:

  • We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • We believe in the power of fun and celebration to bring people together and create lasting memories.
  • Our top priority is our customers and we aim to surpass their expectations by providing our partners with the best working environment to ensure your satisfaction. The happiness of our partners will also bring a smile to your face.

Our Mission:

To make exploring the city interesting and fun and to create a memorable and exciting adventure for our customers, while prioritizing safety and responsible alcohol consumption. Leave the pub, jump on the bike!


Contact us to make an enquiry or get more information about our tour. Our operators will provide you with all the information need.

Tour Departure Times:

15:30, 17:00, 18:30, 20:00, 21:30, 23:00

& Private hiring available all day